GRPU energy-efficient Window


GRPU™ Windows & Doors are new energy-efficient products.

  1. The frames are made of polyurethane composite or aluminum profile with polyurethane composite thermal break.
    Polyurethane composite window profile Aluminum profile with polyurethane composite thermal break
    The polyurethane composite is composed of glass fiber as the reinforcement and the unique polyurethane resin as the base, and produced through advanced processes of injection and pultrusion. Thermal conductivity of the composite is only 0.22W/m·k, which is 1/700 of aluminum alloy.
    The frames have the polyurethane foam and vinyl grid option to optimize thermal efficiency.
    Polyurethane foam Vinyl grid
    Thermally efficient frames and double-glazed or triple-glazed Low-E insulating glass bring GRPU™ Windows & Doors low Heat Transfer Coefficients(U value or K value).
  2. GRPU™ casements have the highest grade of air permeability according to the Chinese national GB standard. It will helps to reduce convective heat transfer.
  3. Adjustable blinds keep your house from being exposed to the sun.
Production of GRPU™ Windows & Doors is in an energy-saving and eco-friendly process.
  1. Wood is not needed. It`s friendly to forest resources.
  2. No burning: production process of polyurethane composite is smokeless.
  3. Production process of polyurethane composite consumes less electrical power.